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Calling all Creatives, Dreamers, and Visionaries!

Don’t let yourself or the world block you from creating your dreams. Your purpose is worth exploring and your brand is worth pursuing.

Focus on your zone of genius, grow your brand, and create your passion along side an elite group of artists, creators, and entrepreneurs — and let your vision flow.

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Community Features

Here are a few highlights in the works!

  • Masterclasses / Workshops: Vision Creators Series included w/ membership
  • Vision Activation Exercises: Visualization / Sound Bath / Meditation / Tapping
  • Live - Group Coaching Calls: 2x per month
  • Member Spotlight: Learn and grow from your community
  • Community Support
  • Support Tools: (vision calendar, goal tracking tools, brand creation, workbooks, etc.)
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Portrait of Jessica Rice


I work with creatives and entrepreneurs to help them discover their path forward towards creating their dreams and business. I am a Creative Vision and Business Coach and work with you to create a plan that is personalized to you and your unique purpose.

Through a combination of transformational and business coaching mixed with brand development strategies, I work with you to help break through inner doubt and confusion to exploring your inner calling and discover your unique path as you journey forward.

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